Is your windshield too dirty to see the road? 

Sometimes our vision of where we are, who we are, what's happening and where we want to go gets hazy. It can make it hard to feel good about choosing to do anything.

Don't fret, it's a great time to look at all that smudge and blur together in an Intuitive Energy Reading.

In your reading, we'll take a look at where you are and what's preventing you from getting where you want to go. You'll understand more about what's clouding up the picture and drive away with soul guidance on how to navigate things with renewed clarity and vision.

My job is to help you connect back in to the wisdom and knowing that already lives within you. Your session is designed to empower you to feel more fully in tune with your inner knowing and navigate accordingly.

In your reading we'll tune into:

  • the overall essence of the issue you'd like clarity with

  • where things are going well and flowing smoothly

  • what could use some of your kind attention

  • your Soul guidance (this is not advice but your own wisdom shared back with you)

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For more details about the process, read on...

*If you're unsure about what these sessions are or if they're right for you please schedule a consultation first. It's important to me that what you're seeking and what I provide are aligned.

What the heck is going to happen in my session?

When we meet on the phone for your reading, I'll be connecting with and sensing into your energy signature in the present time.

What does that mean?

Well, your energy signature in the present moment contains, quite "simply", EVERYTHING that contributes to making you the person you are. I added those quotes around the word “simply” because it's pretty obvious that your energy signature and you, my friend, are not so simple.

You are a vast, multidimensional and incredibly complex person and you are so very special because of all of these myriad things that make up who you are. 

When we are reading your energy in the present moment it contains insights and perspective that can be informative for you to have reflected back to you because sometimes it's just hard for us to see things about ourselves and what dynamics are at play in our circumstances or relationships.

We get confused and often feel lost because so much of our experience is subtle and paradoxical, we’re influenced by society and others, have internalized messages that we may not even know are influencing us and because we're the ones living our lives. It can cloud our perceptions. We just can't see what we can't see. It's a natural part of being human. 

There is so much that we can explore in these sessions and different ways we look at and access relevant information about what you're going through in your life. In doing so you may see and understand things more clearly, reconnect to your inner knowing, feel a sense of empowerment in the way you engage with your life and have more confidence about the choices available to you. 

That sounds great! What else can you tell me about what a session is like?

When I tune into your energy signature, I receive information about you in a few different ways. Sometimes visual images appear. Sometimes vignettes or stories appear like movies that may be literal or metaphorical in nature. Sometimes I hear words and phrases or what sounds like people talking to me about you. Sometimes I feel bodily sensations. Sometimes I'm quiet so that I can tune in to get subtle messages and cues.

As I read together with you, I simply tell you what I'm seeing, experiencing, hearing and sensing and as I receive this information I keep translating it so we understand what it means for you. I'm always holding the question(s), "how is this useful for you, why is this relevant to you, what does this mean for you, why are we being shown this image," so that what's shared is as beneficial for you as it can be. 

During your session, we can interact however you'd like. There's no right or wrong way to experience a reading! You may feel drawn to sit quietly, listen and just take it all in. You may want to take notes. You may feel compelled to share a story that pops into your head. The information shared may spark memories or insights or even clarify new questions or curiosities that we can explore in our time.

Throughout your session, I keep reading your energy and sometimes what comes up in conversation or in an offhand comment that seems completely irrelevant for you to mention is a key piece of discovery! I will check in with you periodically to know how things are landing with you and to make sure we are answering your questions as best we can.

I’m worried I might not remember everything!

You have the option to have your reading recorded and sent to you in an audio file so you can access it again at any time. This often helps people relax, knowing they don't have to remember it all or take notes if they don't want to. Also, sometimes a lot of information comes up and what is relevant at the time of reading is easy to access and recall but as times passes you remember something else we talked about that is fuzzier - having a recording eliminates worry.

As I mentioned up top, we have a bit of a general outline for your session that we'll follow, but this is also an organic and collaborative process and each reading has its own flow of information, discovery and revelation. So, while I aim to touch on all of those areas, we may dive more deeply into some than others and the order may change a bit. 

My intention is always for you to receive what information feels most helpful and relevant to the questions you want to explore and for where you're wanting clarity in your life. My job is to do my best to see, hear, sense, translate and share as clearly as I can and to support you in connecting the dots and making meaning of it all in a way that feels valuable.

It is a deep pleasure for me to get to do this with you and I look forward to reading together soon!

If you have any questions or concerns, you can email me:

Or, scroll back up to schedule an intuitive energy consultation with the online scheduling link above and we can talk in person about anything you'd like to know more about. I'm happy to answer any questions I can as best I can and if you just want to hear my voice and check me out in person first - I totally get that too!